The artists and volunteers at Barb's Custom Framing welcome you to a site dedicated to promoting the thriving arts scene in the south central region of Minnesota. Artist of all mediums and skill levels are welcome to participate in events and other happenings.
Click on the different informational tabs for tips on how to price and display your art with framing; work shops; tours; events and plein air.
If you're a lover of the arts, even if you're not an artist yourself, then this is the place for you!  You can view artists work on this site or visit artists websites with the links that are provided   
Barb's Custom Framing is more than just a frame shop.  Barb is not just a framer, she is also an artist.  With her understanding of how colors work within the art, she helps framing customers with recommendations to enhance their artworkrs.
Barb's folicify on framing is this: 
If someone comes to your home and notices the framing before the art, then take the picture out and hang the empty frame.  That is a bad frame job.  The framing should become part of the art.  My biggist complement I can receive is that someone sees the art and hardly notices the framing.
Gallery Artists
Adele Beals
Al Leber
Al Waggie
Amy Stanek
Barb Bruns
BnB Art
Brad Donner
Dale Brown
Dee Teller
Don Priem
Geraldyne Berg
Harlen Jarvis
Irina Mikhaylova
Jeff Jarvis
Julie Fakler
Karla Meyers
Linda Van Lear
Lisa Dolezal
Lisa Karsten
Marcus Moller
Pat Johnson
Pattie Kumme
Rob Lucas
Rowanna Davis
Sandra Spellman
Ted Posthumus
Tom Teller
Barb's is open for business at
201 Franklin St W
Morristown, MN 55052
10-5pm Wed - Sat

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WELCOME ADELE BEALS AND DALE BROWN! Click on their links to the right to view their web sites and beautiful works!